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Online Classroom Experience

Experience a learner-centered approach, enhanced by the latest in multimedia technology.


Lectures by World-Class Faculty

Asynchronous lectures by VT-MIT faculty are streamed right to your desktop at any time - 24/7. Watch them as often as you choose. Extensive notes and transcripts, posted on the course website, accompany and enhance each lecture. Course lectures typically contain the following components:

  • Narrated PowerPoint presentations use a mixture of speech and visuals to allow the instructor to explain, slide by slide, details that can't be clearly illustrated by text or pictures alone.
  • Online demos and tutorials showcase techniques and software usually taught in a classroom computer lab.

Regular Discussion Sessions with Faculty and Peers

Synchronous sessions are held in real-time using software that connects you with your instructor and classmates at a specific time/day - usually one evening per week (eastern standard time) for each course.

Zoom is a powerful tool for online multiple-user interaction and course organization that includes real-time two-way audio, application sharing, web browsing, white boarding, and text chat. In other words, by sitting at your computer with a headset, you can talk to your professor and classmates just as if you were meeting around a seminar table.

Instructors can import PowerPoint files and walk through them just like in a traditional classroom setting - stopping to answer questions along the way. Groups can break off to brainstorm and then return to the larger group to present. Zoom can be used for scheduled class times, as well as for impromptu meetings with study partners. With the growing popularity of internet-based video and teleconferencing, the interactive skills you learn while participating in your course are sure to prove beneficial to your future professional efforts.

Student Performance Evaluation

How students are evaluated is at the discretion of the faculty, and evaluation and assessment methods are defined at the beginning of each semester in each course syllabus. However, VT-MIT students can expect to be graded on:

  • Regular Homework Assignments and Practical Application
  • Projects
  • Quizzes
  • Assessment and Test Comprehension
  • Midterm and Final Exams

Assignments and projects can be submitted and presented in electronic form. Some exams may require students to find acceptable proctors to monitor the exam session.

A thesis or comprehensive exam/project is not required for the VT-MIT program.