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Cybersecurity Policy

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Value Benefit:

The Information Age has reshaped the way we interact as individuals, conduct business as corporations, govern ourselves as nations, and function as a global society. It has also introduced systemic threats to our security, privacy, and safety that were never envisioned. Understanding the systemic nature of cyber threates and developing strategies for dealing with them through law and policy is critical to our future security. Designed for students with diverse backgrounds and interests across technical, managerial and policy aspects of cybersecurity.

Content Area Overview:

  • In-depth investigation of the complex and evolving nature of security, privacy and safety in cyberspace
  • Understanding of the cyber threat landscape and the motives, methods and mechanisms that shape it.
  • Exploration of the consequences  posed by cyber threats at the individual, corporate, national and societal levels
  • Examination of how technology interacts with law and can affect fundamental societal principles
  • How laws might be developed and effectively applied to cybersecurity


  • BIT 5594: Web-Based Applications and E-Commerce (Core)
    • Offered fall and summer
  • BIT 5114: Crime and Conflict in Cyberspace
    • Suggested prerequisite: BIT 5594 or MGT 5804; offered spring and summer
  • BIT 5124: Cyber Law and Policy for Information Technology
    • Suggested prerequisite: BIT 5594 or MGT 5804; offered fall