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Cybersecurity Management

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Value Benefit:

It is obvious from the daily headlines that cybersecurity is increasingly a business-level imperative.  This module prepares organizational leaders to build and oversee effective cybersecurity programs that counter modern threats, maintain compliance and enable business to function effectively.  For technical security professionals, it supports a career progression into management.  It is also a path for those in other fields to learn how to apply their area of expertise to the inherently interdisciplinary domain of managing cybersecurity operations.

Learn more from professors Wade Baker, Kendall Giles, David Raymond, and Admiral David Simpson in our industry insight article: Building the Bridge to a CyberCulture

Content Area Overview:

  • Overview of the enterprise cybersecurity lifecycle from design and operational perspectives
  • Develop cybersecurity programs that align with business objectives and mitigate vulnerabilities
  • Manage cybersecurity resources; assess program effectiveness
  • Respond to security threats and failures
  • Classify threats, motives, methods and vectors
  • Appraise threats affecting cybersecurity,  privacy and safety
  • Understand and assess prevailing approaches for dealing with threats through regulation, policy, practice and technology.


  • BIT 5594: Web-Based Applications and E-Commerce (Core)
    • Offered fall and summer
  • BIT 5134: Cybersecurity Program Design & Operations
    • Suggested prerequisite: BIT 5594 or MGT 5804; offered fall and summer
  • ACIS 5624: Cybersecurity Governance and Risk Management
    • Suggested prerequisite: BIT 5594 or MGT 5804; offered spring