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Expectations of Students

Expectations of VT-MIT Students

Considering an advanced degree is an important step, professionally and personally, and your approach to continued learning should include a critical assessment of your commitment and interests. Graduate degree programs require commitment, strong time management skills, discipline, initiative, and the willingness to take responsibility for success and/or failure. When considering an online program, you will need ample supply of these characteristics in addition to the ability to learn in a virtual environment. An online program is not for all students. When considering this program, take the following expectations into account:

  • You never have to physically meet on a Virginia Tech campus; however, remember that the VT-MIT program is part of the Graduate School and the entire Virginia Tech university community. You will be expected to familiarize yourself with the Acceptable Use Guidelines, the Graduate Honor System, the Graduate School, the Registrar, and the University Bursar.
  • To be successful, you will be expected to allocate 10 to 15 hours per class outside of "class" time to read, study, and complete assignments. More time may be required for large projects. Some assignments are group projects while others are designed for students to work on individually.
  • Factors to keep in mind while considering an online program include your personal interaction and communication preferences. For example, will be you be comfortable interacting with others primarily through email, chats or threaded discussions? Students in the VT-MIT program are located around the globe. Faculty office hours, study sessions, lectures, and Q&A sessions are all conducted electronically. For many students, interacting with others around the world is an exciting feature of a web-based program.