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VT-MIT Industry Insights

Recent security attacks have signaled the need for a new organization culture that bridges cybersecurity and business operations.  Here’s how to make it happen.  

From identifying the right interventions for at risk students to determining treatment plans for cancer patients, decision support managers are using data analytics to find solutions to some of our most intractable problems.  And the job outlook for DSM’s is astounding.  Learn more.

Careers in big data are booming.  No surprise.  But what is surprising is the new data scientists.  Turns out they’re coming from some unexpected fields.  Find out where.

Data breaches are costly—in revenue and reputation—and organizations are actively looking for talented professionals who can help protect their data stores.  See what issues are keeping CIOs up at night and the career opportunities available in this growing field.

Student Stories and Tips from the Experts

Whitney Dano (VT 2014, VT-MIT 2017) had been on the job for just a year when she decided that earning a master’s degree would give her “that next boost” into an IT security role. 


Whether you’re a cybersecurity pro or looking to get into this in-demand field, VT-MIT Professor Wade Baker offers some valuable information on how to take your career where you want it to go.


Put your resume on the top of the pile and your face in front of decision makers with these tips from HR pro Maureen Pappas.