Which Option is Right for You?

Master of Information Technology Degree

To earn an online Master of Information Technology degree at Virginia Tech, students must complete 11 courses: 4 core courses and 7 elective courses, for a total of 33 credit hours. 

You'll have the opportunity to focus your degree in one of our eleven areas of specialization:

  Analytics and Business Intelligence
  Big Data
  Business Information Systems
  Cybersecurity Management
  Cybersecurity Policy
  Decision Support Systems
  Health Information Technology
  Software Development
  Software Engineering

Graduate Certificates

The VT-MIT Program offers 100% online Graduate Certificates in six areas of IT specialization, allowing you to focus your studies in an area of particular value to your career.

They can be earned as part of the Master of Information Technology degree program or you can apply to an individual certificate program.

  Business Analytics and Data Mining
  Data Management
  Information Security and Analytics
  Health Information Technology
  Information Technology Management
  Software Development