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Health Information Technology

doctor viewing tablet with tech overlay showing various types of records

Value Benefit:

With the evolving healthcare industry, jobs are being created that blend the skills of both information technology and healthcare professionals. And with the adoption of electronic medical records, telemedicine and the International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Edition (ICD-10) migration, this trend is picking up momentum.

There is a clear demand for these hybrid roles within this transforming market; including clinical application analyst and trainers, clinical informatics, ICD-10 conversion project manager and testing coordinators/coders, and meaningful use business analyst.

Content Area Overview:

  • Introduction into design methods of information systems;
  • Build knowledge on electronic health records systems and related technologies;
  • Improve quality of and access to healthcare; and
  • Integrate comprehensive health records.

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  • ACIS 5504: Information Systems Design and Database Concepts
    • Offered fall and spring
  • BIT 5564: Healthcare Information Technology
    • Suggested prerequisite: ACIS 5504; offered summer I
  • BIT 5574: Healthcare Data Management
    • Suggested prerequisite: ACIS 5504; offered summer II