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Business Information Systems

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Programs in business information systems are designed to give you a competitive advantage as a job-seeker, while also teaching you valuable skills as an individual. Students will gain experience in using technology for managing business functions and projects, communication, financial systems and decision support.

Students learn how to help organizations design and use information systems for conducting transactions, managing information about customers, employees and suppliers, and ensuring the security of communications.

Database management systems are now an indispensable tool for managing enterprise information. The student will achieve a strong theoretical foundation in databases for further insight in addressing complex performance and management issues related to handling large amounts of data in an organization.


  • Develop object-oriented business information systems;
  • Design and develop business information systems using relational database;
  • Strategies and techniques for dealing with the inherent complexity of information systems development;
  • Introduction into the fundamentals of design methods for information systems and databases;
  • Learn data manipulation languages for the relational model, design theory for relational databases, and query optimization;
  • Evaluate detailed business situations and applying UML modeling techniques to develop three tier object-oriented system designs; and
  • Decipher models of business information systems, design user interfaces, dialogs, and reports, and integrate computer software and DBMS to solve business problems.


  • ACIS 5504: Information Systems Design & Database Concepts (Core)
  • ACIS 5524: Advanced Database Management Systems 
  • ACIS 5534: Information Systems Analysis and Design 

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