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Analytics and Business Intelligence

Value Benefit:

Jobs for business intelligence analysts—employees tasked with studying and analyzing large amounts of data generated by businesses—are opening up faster than they can be filled. Corporate executives are overwhelmed with volumes of data needing analysis and summary for better decision making. Forbes listed the business intelligence analyst among its top 10 best-paying science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) jobs last year. While some industries have a greater need for this role than others, the position is by no means industry-specific—it can be found in a wide variety of settings.

Content Area Overview:

  • Learn core intranets: electronic data interchange, electronic banking and payment systems, security and firewalls, software agents, and the social, legal, and international issues of electronic commerce;
  • Overview of business intelligence and analytics technologies;
  • Define and frame the business context for decisions, decision models, data issues, business intelligence, building analytics capability, cloud computing, making organizations smarter, and measuring the value of analytics; and
  • Study analytics software and techniques: date preparation, data exploration and visualization, predictive analytics techniques, text analytics, and spatial analytics.


  • BIT 5594: Web-Based Applications and E-Commerce (Core)
    • Offered fall and summer
  • BIT 5524: Introduction to Business Intelligence and Analytics
    • Suggested prerequisite: BIT 5594 or MGT 5804; offered fall
  • BIT 5534: Applied Business Intelligence and Analytics
    • Prerequisite: BIT 5524; offered spring