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Gregory Kulczycki

Assistant Professor

Dr. Gregory Kulczycki has extensive experience in research and development both in academia and industry. He received his doctorate from Clemson University in 2004 and began working as a professor at Virginia Tech shortly thereafter, focusing his teaching efforts on the MIT program and distance learning. In 2011 he went to work for Battelle Memorial Institute as a cyber research scientist, while continuing to be involved in the MIT program. He currently teaches undergraduate and graduate software engineering courses at several universities in the DC area including Virginia Tech, GWU, and George Mason. Dr. Kulczycki has various publications on topics including formal specification and verification, web services, and software reuse. The MIT courses he has taught include Object-Oriented Programming in Java (CS5044), Software Engineering (CS5704), and Software Quality and Design (CS5744). His interests include object-oriented programming, software specification and reasoning, design patterns, and functional programming.