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Donald E. Hatfield

Associate Professor

(Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles) is an Associate Professor. He has spent the past 20 years as an associate professor at Virginia Tech, has been a Visiting Professor at CEIBS (China), Jilin University (China), and an Associate Professor at the University of Baltimore. He has an appointment as a Research Analyst for the Office of Research, Information, and Planning out of Washington, D.C., and was instrumental in helping develop the management of technology management and supporting the foundation of the Apex Systems Center for and Entrepreneurship Center at the Pamplin College of Business.

His research has been published in the Journal of Industrial Economics, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Labor Research, Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, Journal of Product and Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice and others. Dr. Hatfield has presented papers internationally for the Academy of Management, the Strategic Management Society, the Institute for Operations Research & the Management Sciences (INFORMS), the Southern Economic Association, and various universities' seminar series. He was co-chair of the “Track B - Place: How Location, Geography and Institutions Shape Innovatory Capabilities” of the Strategic Management Society’s (SMS) Singapore Conference. He has also served as a Representative at Large for the Competitive Strategy Interest Group of the Strategic Management Society, and the “General Track” for SMS’s 31st Annual International Conference. He has served as the Newsletter Editor for the Technology and Innovation Division of the Academy of Management and was the Regional Representative for South Region of the Academy of Management’s Business Policy & Strategy Division. Hatfield has served as a reviewer for the Strategic Management Journal, Organizational Science, Academy of Management Executive, Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, Asia Pacific Journal of Management and the Annual Academy of Management--where he has been recognized as one of the top reviewers. Dr. Hatfield is currently on the Editorial Boards of Organization Science, Journal of Management, and Academy of Management Discoveries (where he won one of the eight earning the award) and recently served on the Academy of Management Journal and Journal of Management Editorial Boards.

His current interests deal with the interaction between the fields of economics, finance, organizational theory, and strategic management. Dr. Hatfield's current research is focused upon how managers can deal with the uncertainty associated with technology, and the underlying factors driving geographic industrial clustering. His work examines how firms position for entrance into an emerging industry, how geographic factors influence technology competition, how diversity influences creativity, and how firms use research laboratories to develop competitive advantage. Dr. Hatfield’s interests in the management of technology and corporate strategy trace back to his experiences as a chemical engineer for Gulf Oil. He has also spent time working as a computer consultant and consultant to small businesses.